Dear Customer,

We provide turnkey and trouble shooting solution for Dust abatement and Air Pollution control equipment for industries in various sectors like Power plants, Cement, Steel, Paper, metallurgic, waste incinerators etc.

We supply equipment like Dry Electrostatic precipitators, Wet electrostatic precipitators, Hybrid systems, scrubbers suitable for your custom requirements and also provide trouble shooting to other OEM equipment like collection electrodes. Our design expertise has helped us develop ESPs for gas flows as small as 7500 Am3/hr and Membrane type WET ESPs which have considerable space saving compared to other ESPs rated at similar capacities. The long term efficiency of your electrostatic precipitator depends on effective inspection, startup, shutdown, operation, and maintenance procedures. Even a well built and designed ESP will eventually deteriorate if proper monitoring and maintenance procedures are not followed.
Depending on the level of degradation, your precipitator may become costly to run and/or
fall below emission requirements if not properly monitored and maintained.

AEACL has both the experience and key personnel available to help you maintain and prolong
the efficient operation of your ESP units. AEACL provides the following precipitator maintenance

Electrostatic precipitator inspection services

AEACL has the experienced inspection personnel necessary to insure the optimal performance of your ESP. Annual inspections of your all Precipitators like Dry ESP, Wet ESP, collection electrodes, discharge electrodes will help you to identify areas of concern and opportunities for increased cost effectiveness.

Electrostatic precipitator operation fine tuning.

Small irregularities in setting of Electrical parameters, with changing fuel trigger high emission levels. AEACL has strong experience in trouble shooting these problems as we are backed with hundreds of ESP performance data bases.

The operation fine tuning activity would involve proper optimization of ESP controllers. Rapper cycle timing, calibration of Opacity meters etc.

Replacement of spares for Electrostatic Precipitators

We take up turnkey maintenance job involving replacement of all precipitator parts like Collection electrodes, Discharge electrodes, Insulators Rapper hammers, rapper coils, etc. With spares supply whenever necessary.