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Applied Electrostatics And Controls Private Limited

We specialize in manufacturing and providing turnkey solutions for Air Pollution Control Equipment which are essential for all the solid fuel burning boilers. We specialize in scalable version of Electrostatic Precipitator and offer Reliable Quality at a Good Value.


Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic Precipitators

ELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR is a support in decreasing environmental pollution by evacuating the fly ash powder before it goes out of the smoke stack. It is a usually utilized strategy for expelling fine particulates from airstreams. The air which enters ESP is just about up to 99.9% cleaner than when it is discharged. These Precipitators are manufactured, supplied and exported by us with assured quality and safety. We deal in all kinds of solutions related to these. We are located in Mumbai, Gujarat and offer our services to entire India and all over world.

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Baghouse Filter

These are vast fabric bags, typically made of unique filaments, used to dispose of halfway and substantial particles more prominent than 20 microns in width. It works like the bag of an electric vacuum cleaner entangling the robust particles on the surface of the fabric.

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Quality Policy

Our mission is to provide quality services in the Air pollution Control Industry. We will carry out our mission efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner, valuing and respecting people While protecting the earth's environment.